Completed Barn Project

Buyers Journey: Home is Complete

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The final installment in this Buyers Journey series (and a long time coming) is the completed ranch, and wow is it spectacular. The 350 acre property just outside Llano, is one of hill countries finest. When you first enter the ranch through the automatic high fence gate, you’ll travel through a food plot then over a concrete dam holding back …


Buyers Journey: Custom Cabinets and Guests

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While checking in last week with our Lands of America Buyer, we noticed the gorgeous custom cabinets that had been installed in the kitchen and several other areas throughout the barn that give a warm home feel already to the almost – completed interior. We got to meet with the builders of these cabinets, Franklin and Kathy Geistweidt. They own Hanks …

barn finishing

Buyers Journey: The Interior has Begun

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The barn’s exterior has turned out to be more impressive then the Lands of America Buyer had ever imagined.  There are so many options that are just perfect including the covered patio, the french doors across the front, the rich colored stain, the swinging barn doors, and the water well building to match. The second phase is the interior.  There …

barn building progress

Buyers Journey: The Icing on Top – Roofing

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The roof is definitely the “icing on the cake”.  There were about 8 guys that showed up and started laying down the sheets of roofing.  The metal roofing had to be cut a lot because of the many pieces of trim, but it’s looking great.  It’s a really nice, clean look which illustrates that the building itself is almost complete.  …

staining a barn

Buyers Journey: Stain Brings Wood to Life

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After our last update, the Barn Pros crew has been working hard to get the basic structure complete. A dedicated crew of six has been working long tough hours for the past week, and they hope to have the outside structure of the barn raising project completed by April 7th. This group of professionals is working extremely quickly through this …

wood wrapped barn

Buyers Journey: Wrapping Up the Barn

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Well we aren’t wrapping up the barn project yet, but we are wrapping the entire outside with wood! Our Lands of America Buyer is finally able to see the outside of the barn coming together.  Right now the focus is building out the framing for the walls inside and getting the outside of the barn all finished.  Part of the …

lake pavilion building

Buyers Journey: Barn Progress and A New Pavilion

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This week’s weather was wetter and colder than the last update from the barn-raising at our Lands of America buyer’s property, limiting the work that could be done, but the buyer sent in some small updates for our readers. A new pavilion, the largest of the three to be built on the property (the previous two were discussed here), is …

quick barn

Buyers Journey: Barn Raising Progress Picks Up

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The Barn Raising has really picked up speed this week, as we visited our buyer’s property to see over twenty workers on-site doing a variety of tasks. The weather was gray and wet, which was great for the lake, but not so good for taking photos of the property. The biggest project of the day was pouring the floor …

property shelter

Buyers Journey: Building Shelter for the Gun Range

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The plumbing is all roughed in and the walls upstairs are too.  We are about ready for concrete to be poured at the barn.  The RBI Team is taking a “big barn break” and constructing some really neat small buildings that Barn Pros carries. These buildings are designed for all kinds of different uses including garden sheds, pavilions, cabanas, greenhouses, …

building a barn

Buyers Journey: Looking Like a Real Lodge

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Well it’s starting to really come together and not look like a bunch of boards nailed to each other.  The barn is transforming into a lodge and it’s great being able to stand in the bedrooms to see what area they’ll have; look from the upstairs to see the view it’ll have over the den; stand in the equipment barn …

barn framing

Buyers Journey: The Barn Wood is Everywhere

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The wood is starting to go up all over the barn now, framing the structure and looking like a real building. Things are moving fast now, the RBI Team has doubled in size and dust is stirring up around that barn site from all the activity like you wouldn’t believe.  It’s awesome!  We’re going to just let the photos tell …

building a barn

Buyers Journey: Check out the Upstairs

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All of the floor supports upstairs are now complete. There might not be walls, a ceiling, or furniture, but it sure is exciting to see the actual floor. The Lands of America Buyer can now start to picture which bedroom is where and what the view will look like from upstairs (although it’s a little risky getting up to the …